All applications for the MFA and Certificate Programs will be processed through the University of the Arts online system.  School Director Quinn Bauriedel will continue to make all admissions decisions in consultation with the program faculty.  

Application Process
Applications are now being accepted for the Fall 2016.   Early applications are encouraged.  Applications are now available on the UArts website.  Click here to complete and submit an application.

Send all questions to Once the full application has been received, you will be notified within 6 weeks.  An interview may be scheduled as part of the application process.

Applications must include:

  • Artistic statement: a two-page essay describing the artistic values that guide your work - you may want to include your inspirations and/or work that has had an impact on you.  This is a chance to tell the program who you are as an artist.  What are your dream artistic projects?  
  • Statement of Purpose: a two-page written statement expressing your interest in physical and devised theatre training; how you intend to engage in the work and how this study will influence your future work and artistic career.  This paper should also include a summary of your self-assessment - strengths and weaknesses - as a creator, collaborator and performer.  Please address your capacity to change, your openness to new ideas nad receptiveness to criticism.  

  • 3 Letters of recommendation: two of these recommendations must come from professors of theatre or dance or professionals in this area who are familiar with your capabilities and credentials.  The third recommendation could be from a colleague, collaborator or a peer who is familiar with your work and can speak about your qualities as a theatre-maker.  
  • Headshot and resume: Please provide a current headshot or photograph that givces a good view of your face - so that we recognize you when we meet you - a jpg is acceptable.  Please also include an up-to-date resume highlighting theatre work and other relevant experience to the devised performance programs.  
  • Official Undergraduate transcript
  • Artistic Work Sample (Performance DVD, documentation of an artistic project, creative writing sample): Please be prepared to submit a work sample that higlights an artistic project - preferably a performance - in which you were a leading artistic voice.  An example might be a DVD of a theatre piece in which you were a core creator, a series of photographs of a production with an accompanying narrative to help explain the project, a clip of a performance in which you performed or directed.