Life in the City

Pig Iron School students will be urged to become a part of the cultural community in Philadelphia, taking advantage of the thriving performance community here and seeing as much of it as possible.  The School will help organize discounts to performances and will help alert students to artistic work which embodies similar values and aesthetics.  Occasionally, Pig Iron School will organize trips to New York or Washington, DC to see notable performances that are otherwise unavailable in Philadelphia.  More broadly, we intend to promote Philadelphia as a case study in the way artists integrate into a community; students will have access to the artistic leaders of the ensemble theatre and dance communities in Philadelphia, and will be able to ask them about their career paths and daily lives.  Students will also have the opportunity to publicly showcase their most polished class-work in settings such as cabarets, variety shows, and salon showings of works-in-progress.

The Pig Iron School is housed in the newly renovated “Crane Old School”, a 19th century focal point of the infamous Know-Nothing Riots located at 1425 North Second Street (between Jefferson and Master) in Philadelphia.  This building is also a home to an eclectic array of visual artists, graphic design studios, and other arts organizations; together with the Crane Arts Building only a block away, it forms the centerpiece of a rapidly-emerging arts district.  The school is a short walk away from the nearest subway station, and students have easy access to the thriving cultural and nightlife opportunities located in nearby Northern Liberties and Fishtown.

For more on Philadelphia as a cultural and artistic hub, visit our Arts Page.