Students, Alums, and Friends in the 2017 Fringe

September fast approaches, and with it comes the annual Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Wondering what to see on any given night of the festival? This year there's a veritable smörgåsbord of performances created by, featuring, or produced by Pig Iron students, alums, faculty, staff, and friends.

American Psychobabble - Alexandra Tatarsky

Sept. 16-17, 21-23

Alexandra Tatarskay (Certificate '16) presents a delirious anti-narrative of American emptiness, violence, and nonsense—part exorcism and part enema! With styrofoam wings, Xmas lights, and ketchup. “Phyllis Diller meets Artaud!” “Like Kellyanne Conway woke up from a coma after overdosing on sleeping pills and reading too much Gertrude Stein.” Co-direction and dramaturgy by Meryl Sands (MFA '16).

Close Music for Bodies - Michael Kiley

Sept. 20-24

A journey inward into the individual and outward to include the entire group—audience and performers—who share the space together as one greater entity. An immersive, artistic experience that taps the singing voices within us all, Close Music for Bodies connects its audiences to the transcendent gift of singing, and the sonic community of a group voice. Martha Stuckey (MFA '16) performs.

Dear Diary, LOL - AntiGravity Theatre Project

Sept. 21-23

Francesca Montanile Lyons (MFA '16) leads an ensemble of Pig Iron alums as they present a theatrical excavation of their middle school diaries by staging the unaltered words found inside. They invite you to cringe/laugh/cry at the most earnest desires, deepest fears, secret shames, and most terrible poetry born from coming of age as girls circa the early 2000s. Featuring Alicia Crosby (Certificate '15), Sarah Knittel (Certificate '16), Jenna Strusowski (Certificate '15), Megan Thibodeaux (Certificate '15), and Michael T. Williams (MFA '16).

Doppelbanger - Nick Jonczak

Sept. 21-23

Do I want to be him, or do I want to be with him? In this multimedia solo performance, Nick Jonczak (Certificate '15) reshapes his body one piece at a time with his favorite parts of ex-lovers. Vanita Kalra (Certificate '15) directs.

HOME - Geoff Sobelle

Sept. 13-16

From the creator of The Object Lesson comes a performance both virtuosic in its theatricality yet startlingly down-to-earth in the lifelike world it creates around its audience. HOME is a glorious meditation on the transitory nature of dwelling, the constraints of time and money, the impossible structural demands of a house, the absurdity—and at times the impossibility—of making a home. Created by Pig Iron Associate Artist and former school faculty member Geoff Sobelle. Jennifer Kidwell (Certificate '13) and Justin Rose (Certificate '13) perform.

I Am the Machine Gunner - Sarah Gardner, John Hawthorne, and Sterling Melcher

Sept. 8-10

A young street criminal tries to digest bullets, blood, fire, fear, waves, piss – his grandfather’s war stories and his own brutal existence. A play by contemporary Russian playwright Yury Klavdiev, accompanied by a new original score by John Hawthorne (Certificate '15). Sarah Gardner (MFA '17) directs and Sterling Melcher (MFA '17) performs.

Leaps of Faith and Other Mistakes - Almanac Dance Circus Theatre

Sept. 6-23 (see link for more details)

A tale of sublime human idiocy, isolationist seafarer cults, and the absurdity of believing too hard. Breathtaking acrobatics and earnest theatricality combine with brand new live music. What do people do when they find themselves lost at sea? Featuring Nick Gillette (Certificate '13) and Ben Grinberg (Certificate '13).

Links in the Landscape - Ellen Chenoweth

Digital Fringe

Links in the Landscape uses Augmented Reality (AR) to explore a few moments, artists, and physical locations from Philadelphia’s rich cultural history. See for the first time or re-visit works seen in Philadelphia 20 years ago as the Fringe festival was emerging. Created by Ellen Chenoweth, Pig Iron's Director of Development and Communications.

The Other - Yes! And Collaborative Arts Shadown Company

The teens of the Shadow Company of Yes! And…Collaborative Arts are back with another original, innovative piece using the power of shadows, movement and music. Dive into the world of “The Other”, a place where people have segregated themselves into us vs. them. Who have you made the other? Rebecca Muszyski (MFA '18) assisted with the creation of the piece.

Wedgwood on the Green - Drip Symphony

Sept. 21-23

A story in light and sound. A performance in and out of the round. Follow a young man up the fire escape, through the sliding glass doors, to a world where curiosity consumes innocence, where friendships crystallize in the pressure of responsibility and misfortune. Drip Symphony debuts with Wedgwood on the Green. Co-directed by Nick Schwasman (Certificate '17).

White Nights - Hua Hua Zhang/Visual Expressions

Sept. 19

Inspired by a Chinese poem, White Nights examines the universal question: How can we find peace of mind in our ever-changing society? The project is a series of dreams that focus on the self’s interactions with the world as it struggles with this question. This 30-minute preview shares a portion of the show. Travis Draper (MFA '18) and Jeanne Lyons (MFA '18) perform.