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There is always something going on at the Pig Iron School. Check here for information on student showings, workshops, and more.

The Class of 2016 presents RED NOSE RUMPUS ~ A clown showing open to all ages. April 13-14, 2016 at 7:30pm, here at the Pig Iron School. 


Come join us in the birthing suite — you can say you were present when these new cabaret characters were first hatched.  


Our UArts/Pig Iron class of 2017 performed for the first time since starting classes back in September. First Look occurs in the early spring and is an exciting evening of fresh and simple theatre pieces by the new class. Click the Photo Album link above to scroll through a selection of photos.

Photography: Joanna Austin/AustinArt 


Join Pig Iron Theatre Company for a weekend workshop for theatre-makers focusing on the performer as creator of original material. The workshop will highlight the methods and exercises Pig Iron uses to forge  performance works that are physically articulate and rhythmically precise. Can a work of theatre have depth and sophistication without words? Can a gesture stand in for the whole? Can an ensemble create a physical vocabulary to capture an audience's imagination?


In February, our second year/class of 2016 students took a field trip to the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts to learn a variety of circus skills. Philadelphia School of Circus Arts is the regional center of contemporary circus arts. Their faculty leads a curriculum featuring aerials (static trapeze, corde lisse, aerial silks and lyra), juggling, unicycling, tight wire, tumbling and physical conditioning.


University of the Arts/Pig Iron School Class of 2016 Presents an evening of devised theatre in New York City.


Join us this Wednesday and Thursday March 2-3, 2016

The University of the Arts/Pig Iron School first year students present an evening of short theatrical pieces.  


Pig Iron School Alumni were featured this past fall at University of the Arts graduate open house. Click the file link below to read more about two alumni - Jenn Kidwell and Scott Sheppard.




Join Pig Iron School Second Year Students as they present an evening of work from the edgy worlds of bouffon grotesque and beyond. 


Great plays are far more than words on a page.  They embody an ever-expanding set of skills: presence, musicality, tension, story, character, specific relationships with an audience, light, space, gestures, dialogue, monologue, stillness, climaxes and a specific heart-beat.  These are the tools we use to build a work of theatre from the simplest of origins - a set of questions, or a piece of music that moves something in us, or a uni