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There is always something going on at the Pig Iron School. Check here for information on student showings, workshops, and more.

Pig Iron Theatre Company is known for creating raucous and rambunctious theatre because company members make compelling discoveries by doing instead of talking. Instructors bring this same philosophy into the classroom, encouraging students to create on the feet and not with pen and paper. For this reason, giving students the opportunity to create their own masks deepens their understanding and experience with the mask, even before the elastic is wrapped around their heads.


Enjoy these images from APT's first public showing, March 15 and 16, 2012.  The students showed their original creations which included mask work, pieces inspired by Italo Calvino's INVISIBLE CITIES and works that pushed physical limits with titles like "Trip to the Moon", "The Chase" and "Animal Family Dinner".



See the buzz about Pig Iron's school opening; Pig Iron Launches New Program for Teaching Avant-Garde Theater in Philadelphia

"We're creating affordable spaces for the production of art and creativity products, as opposed to, say, the consumption and sale of art. There's so much energy here, at both the grassroots and highest levels. We're on the cusp of a really great wave of creativity, of which Pig Iron's school is just one wonderful example."


Click on the photo album to check out pictures of the current renovations to the two new studios, the student lounge and the new Pig Iron offices.  We are set to move into the offices in May and the studios in June, just in time for the Summer Session!



We don't usually do this. But here's the story: Girl washes up on beach, disguises herself as boy. Girl, disguised as boy, falls in love with a Duke. Woos a lady on behalf of Duke. Lady falls in love with girl-disguised-as-a-boy. Longing ensues.  Add excessive drinking, throw in some outrageously melodramatic breakdowns, and set it to the "saddest music in the world."