What students are saying

Testimonials from former Pig Iron students:        

“I think the greatest strength in Pig Iron’s pedagogy is their ability to empower and inspire students to have confidence in their own ideas and art.”


“I’ve never been to a class that provided so much opportunity for play.”


“The incredible immediacy of Pig Iron’s performance and teaching style has not only increased my range, technique and confidence as a performer, but has actually changed the way I understand and process the world around me.”


“Training with Pig Iron flung open doors into new ways of making theatre.”


“They were far more than just a series of lessons and exercises; they awakened a spirit to look at the world, to listen to its hum, and to create from those sources always with us and around us.”


“The training pushed me to a new creative edge and now I’m falling all over the place.”


“Quinn, Dito and Dan are not only amazingly talented artists but also the best theatre teachers I have ever had.  They are challenging but also very encouraging.”


From what seemed like the simplest moments in class, I began to see how everyone carries around these wonderful characters and they are all dying to be performed.  These realizations are invaluable."