Something From Nothing

A two-week workshop in devised theatre, beginning with a tiny spark of inspiration.  January 3-14, 2017.

A two-week workshop in devised theatre, beginning with a tiny spark of inspiration.

January 3-14, 2017

Great plays are far more than words on a page.  They embody an ever-expanding set of skills: presence, musicality, tension, story, character, specific relationships with an audience, light, space, gestures, dialogue, monologue, stillness, climaxes and a specific heart-beat.  These are the tools we use to build a work of theatre from the simplest of origins - a set of questions, or a piece of music that moves something in us, or a unique space.

Where do we go from there?  SOMETHING FROM NOTHING is a workshop on devised theatre, tracing the journey from a single impulse to a full performance.  Alongside improvisations to find theatrical sparks with the starting material, we train specific skills so that the resulting pieces are crafted with attention to the smallest detail. 

Learn the process of creating an ensemble-based work of theatre through Pig Iron's tried-and-true creation processes. Participants will be given performance assignments which must be solved as an ensemble.  The playwriting and directing duties will be shared among the ensemble, and decisions will be made collaboratively.

This workshop emphasizes generating original material, physicalizing characters and theatrical ideas, structuring group improvisations into finished pieces and the role music and rhythm play in theatrical creation. Participants will work on taking material developed through improvisation and turning it into pieces that are precise, full, exuberant, and moving.  The workshop will culminate in an open showing of short works created over the course of the program.

This workshop will be lead by Pig Iron School faculty member Emmanuelle Delpech, with additional instruction from Fred Brown, Oliver Jane, and Johanna Kasimow.

DATES: January 3-14, 2017

First week: Tuesday - Saturday
Second week: Monday - Saturday
9:30AM - 4:30PM daily
Additional evening rehearsals on 1/6, 1/11, 1/12, & 1/13 from 4:30PM - 8:00PM
Public showing on 1/14 at 3:00PM

LOCATION: The Pig Iron School, 1417 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA

PRICE: $750 ($700 if paid in full by November 21), $20 application fee

Applications are still being considered on a rolling basis until all available spots are filled.

If accepted, there is a discount of $50 if tuition is paid in full by November 21.  Otherwise, a 50% deposit of the full tuition is due by November 21 with the balance due by December 16.


Please send your resume and a statement (max. 200 words per answer) via email to, responding to the following questions:

    1) What questions are you currently asking in your creative life?
    2) Why are you interested in this workshop?
    3) Tell us, briefly, about a specific artistic encounter or process that had an impact on you.

You may submit the $20 application fee via mail or PayPal.  Please mail checks to:

Attn: Something From Nothing
Pig Iron Theatre Company
1417 N. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Pay via PayPal: