Summer Session Curriculum

Each week, participants will train in acrobatics, movement analysis, core training, voice and ensemble work. Every day students will work on themes through improvisation, developing the necessary skills of: writing on one's feet; understanding the moment-to-moment choices of the actor; working within an ensemble; utilizing the theatrical space to its maximum; and strengthening a sense of dramatic rhythm and structure. Improvisation will be developed as a critical skill in writing, performing and directing. Additionally, each day there will be time for ensemble creation work, the results of which will be presented to the faculty throughout the program.

Week 1 Themes
Stillness, silence, the Neutral Mask
Expanding physical presence onstage
Focus on breathing, gaze and developing a sense of theatrical space and the tension needed to support the theatre
The birth of the chorus

Week 2 Themes

Character masks, playfulness
Commedia dell'Arte masks and theatrical archetypes
Balinese masks
Animal work as an approach to character development
Physical and verbal improvisation

Week 3 Themes

Our own innate sense of play
Connection to the audience
Playing a comic form
Clown numbers
Comic duos and trios in performance