"This is a time of impossible problems...And yet, with impossible problems come innovations, artistic shape-shifting, and new pathways toward performance creation."



On Monday, June 17, we’re holding an impromptu cabaret with some beloved Pig Iron artists and alums of the Pig Iron School.  

Monday’s informal cabaret will raise funds from our community, for the community: we will split 100% to support UArts faculty and staff and to our current grad students who may face loss of health insurance, loss of financial aid that supports housing, and other costs caused by this disruption.


UArts is closing June 7th

UArts is closing, but Pig Iron School remains strong. We will keep everyone updated as more develops.

Summer Session: Journey of the Mask

June 10—29, 2024

In this two-week workshop, Journey of the Mask centers on actor training and on the skill of the performer to heighten his/her/their presence onstage.

A Day in the Life of Pig Iron School

We seek to re-draw the lines of artistic ownership in theater and overturn the traditional norms and power structures embodied by the current regional theater model.