A black and white illustration of a vintage slingshot that looks like it's about to shoot out the word "CATAPULT" in teal letters


Please join us for the Catapult Festival 2021, featuring 3 original full-length devised works created by the Class of 2021. This cohort has been investigating wrestling, power vacuums, grief, cleaning up other people’s messes, jargon and nonsense language, insomnia, and absurd machinery, among many other themes, echoing so much of the world’s anxieties and mysteries of the last 22 months. After mining the opportunities of the digital and virtual space for over a year, this culminating semester within the University of the Arts/Pig Iron Devised Performance Program has seen a return to studio practice and to face-to-face collaboration. Come witness this moment in time and watch these daring, sensitive, wise artists launch themselves beyond their grad school walls and into the complex world where their artistic gifts are necessary and sharp-edged.





Created by

Kate Aarness, Dre'Land Goar, Sasha Kostyrko, Nina Sharp, Brooke Shilling




Created by

Fred Fletcher-Jackson, Sam Metzger, Rohaan Unvala, Mingming Wang



The Tri-state Coalition for Symmetrical Intelligence


The Very Large Magnet Quenching Particle Collider Grand Opening Ceremony


Created by

Kenyon Meleney, Ryan Pater, Carlton Cyrus Ward



Friday, December 10th | 7:00pm
Saturday, December 11th | 7:00pm
Sunday, December 12th | 7:00pm


The Arts Bank
601 S. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Come early to experience Bellisant Corcoran-Mathe’s installation:

 WE <3 OUR CUSTOMERS: Get Pricked 

WE <3 OUR CUSTOMERS: Get Pricked is an interactive installation exploring gender, the male gaze and popcorn where the viewer is invited to play some darts, watch some "classic" film and try not to get wounded in the process.

Each performance will be followed by a reception with the artists.

This event is FREE but seating is limited so make sure to RSVP @ rsvp@pigiron.org. UArts students, faculty, and staff will be required to present an up-to-date UArts ID. All non-UArts patrons will need to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination. Masks are required.



Kate Aarness grew up and completed schooling in rural Minnesota. She once met Sir Trevor Nunn who was surprised that she didn’t know who Sir Tyrone Guthrie was. She has not been knighted.

Fred Fletcher-Jackson is a theatre and teaching artist from Annapolis, Maryland, with a BA in Acting from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. In addition to his performance credits primarily in musical theatre, Shakespeare, and with the Maryland Renaissance Festival, Fred has also trained as a professional wrestler with such local schools as The Wrestle Factory, The Monster Factory in New Jersey, and the Maryland based Renaissance Rumble troupe with whom Fred currently assistant teaches an intensive course in pro-wrestling for the actor. Fred plans on moving to Washington D.C to pursue further work as a teacher, deviser, and wrestler.

Dre'Land Goar As a Philly Native of twenty-plus years, Dre'Land Goar is a jack of all trades. With a BA in Theater Performance and a minor in dance from Bloomberg Univeristy, Dre'land is humbly grateful to be the in first in her family to graduate from the University of the Arts/Pig Iron Devised Performance MFA program. Dre'Land dedicates this performance to her mother, Dawn. | @iamdreland | dgoar@uarts.edu

Sasha Kostyrko is from originally from Sacramento, CA and received their undergraduate degree from Oklahoma City University before spending nearly a decade in and out of Chicago and the true treasure state of Montana. After living in every other region in the U.S. they are happy to have found a home on the east coast and a cohort of collaborators excited about making new things. After Threnody they are working on a New Musical about the Rise and Fall of America’s Favorite City. | www.sashakostyrko.com | @squasha_kostyrko 

Kenyon Meleney is originally from the suburbs of Seattle and received his BA in theater from Occidental College in Los Angeles. Coming from a background of both realism and musical theater, this is his first fully staged production of an original devised show. He is definitely not f***ing terrified.

Sam Metzger is a company member with the Irondale Ensemble Project and helps run a camp in Maine during the summers. Past credits include: Missing 411: The Musical (original creator), Solarplexus: An Alternative Energy Play (59e59), St. Joan of the Stockyards (dir. Peter Kleinert). Sam graduated from Bates College with a B.A. in Theater and English and is excited to be a proud graduate of the Pig Iron School.

Ryan Pater hails from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is a graduate of North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem. One of his biggest dreams post-graduation is to never create theater on zoom again. He is eternally grateful to his fiancé, Meagan, and his cats, Toot and Lip, for their undying support, warmth, and laughter.

Nina Sharp grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland and never formally tried out devising until moving to Philly to join the Piglets. They have had a transformative experience working with the class of 2021 and the immensely talented faculty and staff of Pig Iron. Nina is looking forward to playing upside down and making more new work after graduation, including a New Musical about the Rise and Fall of America’s Favourite City.| @sharpatack

Brooke Shilling Born and raised in New York City, Brooke Shilling is a deviser, actor and playwright. She holds a BFA in Acting from Ithaca College and is super excited to soon be a graduate of the University of the Arts/Pig Iron Devised Performance MFA Program. Brooke dedicates this performance to her mom, Diane.  |  brookeshilling.com  |   @brooke.shilling  

Rohaan Unvala’s time in Pig Iron’s Devised Performance MFA program has reaffirmed his love for creating art that comes from a place of joy, impulse, and improvisation. Whether building ‘scapes, creating other original performances or video artworks, or abstract paintings, he has begun to see devising and theatre in all art forms. He is excited to keep creating and delve more into teaching theatre creation and art/ performance - making in higher education and beyond.

Mingming Wang is a Chinese deviser and performer in theater. She believes and is committed to making performances for people and their lives”. She enjoys immersing audience into the presence and bringing cultural exchanges and communications to the space.

Carlton Cyrus Ward grew up in Vermont with no electricity then moved to NYC to become an actor. He is excited to embark upon the next chapter of life with his wonderful wife Becky and two little girls, Frankie and Leona. Thank you to Pig Iron and fellow students for making grad school great.