A group of students dressed as clowns in front of a red curtain

FIRE(D)! A Mutual Aid Cabaret at Pig Iron Studios

UPDATE 6.17.24

We are officially sold out thanks to your generosity and support. Thank you to all who have helped us!

If you cannot attend but would like to send funds to support all laid off UArts faculty - here is the link to the union’s GoFundMe.

And here’s the link to support current Pig Iron MFA students left in the lurch.

Thanks so much for all your support, everybody - we’ll of course continue to keep you in the loop as the situation here in Philadelphia continues to shift.



On Monday, June 17, we’re holding an impromptu cabaret with some beloved Pig Iron artists and alums of the Pig Iron School.  

While we at Pig Iron are facing our own financial crisis in the wake of UArts’ closure, we understand that so many students, artist faculty, and UArts staff will be cut off from benefits and salary at the end of the month. We have received such an outpouring of concern and love—and lots of questions about how to help all the various constituencies impacted by the closure.

Monday’s informal cabaret will raise funds from our community, for the community: we will split 100% of the proceeds between the GoFundMe set up by United Academics of Philly to support UArts faculty and staff, and a separate GoFundMe that we will allocate to our current grad students who may face loss of health insurance, loss of financial aid that supports housing, and other costs caused by this disruption.


Dito van Reigersberg (co-founder)
Sarah Knittel (Class of 2016)
Brett Robinson (Class of 2016)
Alex Tatarsky (Class of 2016)
Sohrab Haghverdi (Class of 2020)
Nico Montalvo (Class of 2025)
...and others!

and hosted by
Connor Hogan (Class of 2019)





Monday, June 17



Mutual Aid Cabaret! With hang out and reception to follow



Pig Iron Studios
1417 N 2nd St.
Philadelphia PA 19122



Monday June 17
Doors at 6:30pm
Show at 7pm
Hangout until 10:30pm




Seating is limited at our rehearsal studios - please RSVP!



We invite people to dress to the theme: FIRE.
Garbage fire… fires of rage… the fire of artistic inspiration…
Participate to your own excitement and comfort level.


If you cannot attend but would like to send funds to support all laid off UArts faculty - here is the link to the union’s GoFundMe

And here is the link to support current Pig Iron MFA students left in the lurch.




Is this family friendly?

Sadly no. These alums…they talk dirty.


Are these donations tax-deductible?

Also sadly no. All of these donations will go through GoFundMe and not through Pig Iron’s 501c3. Still a worthy cause though!


How are you administering the funds raised from this event?

Everyone working on the event is volunteering their time. We’ll post how much we raise and where we’re directing it. Funds will be split between two different mutual aid funds (one supporting UArts faculty/staff, and the other supporting current Pig Iron graduate students).

We have asked a small council of Pig Iron School alumni and Philadelphia arts leaders to administer the funds raised. We’ll share their names as we finalize that panel.


Wait - did Pig Iron raise the $300,000 you need to continue operations?

Not yet! (As of 6.12.24) We have been so moved by the $75,000 we have raised this week to support our continuing operations (paying our rent and our staff). More than 150 people have donated. THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who donated to the bridge fund. If you’re still considering a gift to help Pig Iron maintain operations, that’s awesome–here is the link.

Monday’s fundraiser is meant to bring together the Pig Iron community in solidarity with the students and faculty of UArts. (To clarify: It’s a separate fundraiser! Lots of need = lots of fundraisers).