A cartoon showing an actor struggling to perform on a computer screen.

UArts/Pig Iron Class of 2021 - Adapting

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Live on Zoom

The Class of 2021 marches on towards their MFA in Devised Theater Performance at the Pig Iron School with a public showing on Zoom. They have been adapting their creative practice to fit in new spaces like their kitchens, backyards, and in-laws’ basements on Zoom. These fearless homebodies have tackled novel adaptations on Zoom, Commedia archetypes on Zoom,  Zoom dance theater on Zoom, mask Zooming on Zoom, Zoom writing Zoom melodramas, zoom zooming on zoom, zoom zoom zoom, breaking Zoom breakout Zooms on Zoom, Zoom Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Zoom Zoom, Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom, ZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoomZoom

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Showings will be presented via Zoom