A student sings into a microphone at a cabaret.

Following the Expressive Voice

Audrey Pernell, Pig Iron School Faculty, Roy Hart Centre Voice Teacher, and Co-Director of Rumbos Voice Studio in Santiago, Chile, will lead students on a personal journey of vocal discovery and improvisation. Students will be guided to follow their voice past expected and habitual territories, toward a fuller embodiment of their vocal instrument and a greater expressive capacity. Singing, sounding, growling and humming are incorporated into an expansive repertoire of exploration that can become the groundwork for creation.

In this online workshop, we will explore the intimate relationship between the voice and the unique person behind it: the profound connection between performance and being, in which the creative voice–in its full breadth of possibilities–becomes the most revealing expression of who we are as artists and as people. Through an integrative approach to voice work we’ll develop bridges between body, emotion, imagination, personality and musicality, all in service to the performer’s artistic journey and personal development. Exploring improvisation dynamics, we’ll take creative risks to extend our vocal range, visiting a wide variety of sounds and expressive states–especially the places that we tend to avoid. By suspending ourselves in these moments of conflict and doubt, we can unlock unexpected potential and connect ourselves to where the sound wants to go, beyond what we think we want from our voices. In doing so, we can learn to value the whole of our instrument and what our voices have to tell us, leading us to sound out generously with authenticity, pleasure, and purpose.

Themes to Explore:
·       Embodied Voice
·       Extended Ranges
·       Tuning the Vocal Instrument
·       Broken Sounds
·       Voice, Emotion & Imagination
·       “Following” the Voice
·       Interpretation, Improvisation & Composition
Curiously, Roy Hart is famous for having said “I have no method.” In this “no-method” approach to voice pedagogy, the teachers follow their intuition in the moment, based on what they perceive to be the need of the voice they hear, the body they see, and the presence they feel from each person. They guide students to connect with their vocal impulses, accepting the voice “just as it is,” and expressing what their voices have to say.

Performing artists, teachers, and dedicated students are all welcome. No previous voice experience is required to participate, only a willingness to take creative risks and a deep desire to voice, to listen and be heard. Pernell’s practice has also included art therapists and professional musicians.

Monday, March 22: 7:00-9:00pm
Wednesday, March 24: 7:00-9:00pm
Monday, March 29: 7:00-9:00pm
Wednesday, March 31:  7:00-9:00pm
Monday, April 5: 7:00-9:00pm
Wednesday, April 7: 7:00-9:00pm

Note: All times are listed in US Eastern Daylight Time.