Emmanuelle Delpech wears a red clown nose.

Summer 2020: Red-Nose Clown

An Exploration of the Fragility and Exuberance of Human Nature

Pig Iron School faculty member Emmanuelle Delpech invites you to wear a red nose and explore the personal and exhilarating territory of the clown, tapping in to a performative world which plays by very different rules than the world we know. This is an adventure into idiocy, virtuosity, ridiculousness, absurd logic and comic vulnerability. The clown breaks all the rules of theatre and breaks even more rules in Zoom (!), proposing a new order in which the performer taps into a deep well of their own humanity and shares it with an audience. We laugh with the clown (and sometimes AT the clown) because they speak a simple truth that all human beings fail gloriously and often hilariously.   

Supplied with little else than a red nose and the body that each performer has inherited, this workshop will exploit each students' unique way of encountering the world, and will uncover the life-affirming absurdity of the human condition on this planet. Take a leap into the unknown territory of your own lunacy.


This workshop will take place on Zoom at the following times.

Monday, June 15 | 2:00-4:00PM EDT
Wednesday, June 17 | 2:00-4:00PM EDT
Friday, June 19 | 2:00-5:00PM EDT
Monday, June 22 | 2:00-4:00PM EDT
Wednesday, June 24 | 2:00-5:00PM EDT 



To Apply

To apply, email workshops@pigiron.org. Please include a paragraph explaining your interest in the workshop and the questions you are posing in your own artistic practice.