a south-western photo featuring a dry landscape and a sign that reads "no houseboat docking" with the title of the performance, Troubled Waters, beside it

Troubled Waters 2023

It is a land of contrasts, extremes, endless views, prickly plants, and oases amidst the barren desert.

It is a land of red rocks, pup fish, grey water, the mighty Colorado River, and mining prospectors.

It is a land of gushes, trickles, underground rivers, boom and bust cycles, and Compacts to try to share the resource that provides life to all living things.

In March, the first year Devised Performance Graduate students traveled to Arizona, Nevada, and a sliver of California to carefully observe and encounter the most precious resource on our planet: water. The Southwest greeted us with warmth, generosity, and myriad stories. Some stories take millennia to tell; others we witnessed in the blink of an eye.

On May 12 and 13th, the students will share TROUBLED WATERS, two original devised performances created from their impressions and first-hand experiences of the scarcity and abundance we found to be present in this remarkable and complex corner of the globe. Come see the unreal landscapes, the sun-drenched deserts, the prickly cacti, the flora, fauna, communities, and vanishing water molecules that cling to life across this vast terrain. Come experience the adaptability, resilience, and tensions that arise among the humans who are connected to this land.

Created by William Acker, Michael Amendola, Aiden Ankli, Lyra Butler-Denman, Tenara Calem, Tyler Cantanella, Arantxa Chavez, Graham Cook, Ryann Elise Cooper, Elizabeth Feinschreiber, Frankie Gormley, Alexis Howland, Jo Kramer, and Derek Smith


Performance Details

Friday, May 12th | 7:30pm
Saturday, May 13th | 2:00pm

Caplan Center for the Performing Arts
211 S. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

This event is FREE, but seating is limited.
Reception to follow.