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Summer Session 2022 #2: Lecoq's Approaches to Physical Character

Lecoq's Approaches to Physical Character: A Journey Rooted in Observation Unfolding into Creation


As theatre artists, life is our first food, our first obsession. Life teaches us everything we need to create characters, to understand tension, to construct relationships onstage, and to harness the performance power of a story.

This workshop is a journey into observation: we’ll look at elements, materials, animals, landscapes, and human beings. We will look at classic and modern texts, finding ways to bring physicality to words as well as verbal finesse to an embodied performance state. What happens when we observe fire, its different rhythms? What is the state of a piece of cardboard being folded? Or getting wet? Have you observed the tragedy of wet cardboard? Have you imagined Rosalind, Mercutio, Edmund, or Bottom as a lynx, dolphin, wolf, or cow? What about the movement and tension inherent in a rubber band? Are Chekhov’s three sisters moving like a rubber band, almost getting out of the house and stretching themselves to Moscow, only to lose that dream and return to where they’ve been?  

Jacques Lecoq found inspiration from the world and grabbed hold of it, developing a beautiful pedagogy for physical theatre and ensemble creation.  Emmanuelle Delpech, fresh from being on faculty at École Jacques Lecoq in Paris, brings that rigor and playfulness into this workshop, amplifying Lecoq’s inquiries with a contemporary lens. It is a vital part of the actor’s toolkit, to learn to mimic and to take observations and embody them. The creative sparks will then be fueled toward a full-blown theatrical bonfire.  

The workshop will include physical training as well as developing new characters and performance states for the stage. There will be three original works created by each participant - in dynamic ensembles - throughout the two weeks. This workshop is intended for any theater artist: performers, devisers, directors, actors and even designers. This workshop enriches the artist's toolkit, developing new approaches to character work, text work, as well as original creation.


Workshop Details

  • Dates: August 1 - 12, 2022
    • Monday-Fridays: 1 - 5pm
  • Session Cost: $500


Application Details

  • Application Cost: $20
  • Application Due: May 31st. Early applicants are prioritized and all applicants will be informed within two (2) weeks if they are accepted

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