Two clowns in stripped shirts standing in front of a red curtain gesticulating towards the viewer

Summer Session: Journey of the Mask

Summer Session 2023

The Summer Session is an immersive training program for creative theatre artists interested in pushing the boundaries of contemporary performance. Rooted in Pig Iron's own artistic questions and performance techniques, the intensive workshop is intended to launch performers into the world of physically precise, emotionally rich, imaginatively constructed ensemble-devised theatre. The workshop centers on actor training and on the skill of the performer to heighten his/her/their presence onstage.

Week 1 focuses on the Neutral Mask. Week 2 focuses on the half-masks of the Commedia dell'Arte and Balinese mask traditions. Week 3 focuses on the red nose clown. The workshop from start to finish aims to spark imaginative transformations within each performer that bring vitality and play to the stage.

Led by Emmanuelle Delpech, the workshop is a research playground for performers interested in building a stronger physical vocabulary into their work and those seeking an approach toward performance that is rooted in Lecoq’s pedagogy. Emmanuelle recently returned from serving as a Core Faculty at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She co-created and performed in many Pig Iron productions, winning a Barrymore Award for her performance in The Lucia Joyce Cabaret. Emmanuelle was a founding core faculty member of the Pig Iron School.  


Summer Session 2024

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2024 Schedule

Late June to early July

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2024 Application Details

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Session Cost:

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