Quinn Bauriedel teaches a workshop

Leadership Development & High Performing Teams

LEAD is an executive training and teambuilding program for non-arts professionals. The sessions are interactive and energetic and quickly help participants get out of their comfort zones, take risks and change their perspectives for a meaningful and impactful learning experience.  We work with each client individually to assess their needs and tailor our programs accordingly.  Our highly interactive sessions are energetic, fun, and collaborative with the objective of strengthening one's leadership potential.  

Each session is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit your team's needs. Our primary programs are:


Participants create an original play in 6-8 person teams over the course of a single day, laying out the vision for the play and proceeding through the story boarding, development, rehearsals and, ultimately, an “opening night” performance.  Participants learn important team concepts including: valuing all team members' contributions, obtaining buy-in from all members toward a common vision, the role of a successful team leader, creating a strong team structure, and the value in generating extraordinarily high team goals and reaching them.  Pig Iron brings our own team of designers and facilitators to the program to help the participants realize the artistic vision for their original play.  The program ends with the opening night “world premiere” performances and a wrap-up discussion to extract the key learnings of the program and translate these learnings to the individual's corporate environment. 


Pig Iron is known as one of the most innovative theatre companies in America.  We never let the conventions of theatre restrict our creativity and we inspire business leaders to unleash their own creative selves.  Our process of devising theatre requires an immense amount of artistic space and we have developed techniques to help spark creativity and innovation for business leaders.  Like many things, one's creativity is like a muscle that needs to be exercised in order to realize its full potential.  This program trains business leaders to analyze problems from many different angles, to change their perspective in order to expand beyond the normal thinking channels, to utilize group brainstorming and to value wild ideas as a first step toward innovation.  The program leads participants through an innovation process that begins with experimentation, continues on to observation, framing and assumptions and concludes with presentation.


True presence is a highly sought after and crucially important skill for the modern executive.  Successful leaders in every discipline have that rare combination of confidence, charisma, self-awareness and inspiration.  Actors also search for a strong “stage presence”.  Easily seen and difficult to describe, stage presence or leadership presence is an attribute that we all feel is something which would make us better leaders.  While some might argue that presence is an innate quality, this workshop will prove otherwise as we demystify the building blocks of presence and train ourselves to strengthen our own engagement with audiences.  By learning to be more “present,” participants will understand how to be more motivational as a leader, more convincing as a negotiator and more open and honest as a team member.


Inquiries about the programs and pricing should be submitted to Quinn Bauriedel: quinn@pigiron.org.