Political punk band of alumni kick major ass


Class of 2021

Katharine Deborah Haak Aarness
Bellisant Corcoran-Mathe
Fred Fletcher-Jackson
Dre'Land Goar
Sasha Kostyrko
Kenyon Walter Meleney
Samuel Abraham Metzger
Ryan Pater
Nina Lauren Sharp
Brooke Shilling
Rohaan Unvala
Mingming Wang
Carlton Ward

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Class of 2020

Anna Basile
Katie Butler
Mieke D
Aaron Fischer
John Miller Giltner
Sohrab Haghverdi
Curt Himmelberger
Tony Moaton
Will Quinn
Nate Rothermel
Jonathan Harper Schlieman
John Skelton
Sascha Streckel
Blake Taylor
Angela Trovato
Gabey Walburn

Class of 2019

Connor Hogan
Mark Kennedy
Jacqueline Libby
Adam Pierce Montgomery
Vanessa Ogbuehi
Christine Octavia Shaw
Raluca Urea
Jacinta Yelland

Class of 2018

Nathan Alford-Tate
Matthew Armstead
Travis Daniel Draper
Jeffrey Evans
Shea-Mikal Green
Viktoria Lange
Jeanne Lyons
Parker Matthews
Leslie Miller
Rebecca Gergely
Rebecca Posner
Ari Rampy
Bayla Rubin
Isabella Sazak

Class of 2017

Antony Bolante
Courtney Cooke
Ashley DeMain
Michael Durkin
DJ Fogel
Sarah Gardner
Sterling Melcher
LaRema Muhammad
Andrew Olewine
Devin Preston
Nick Schwasman
Iris Seaman
Bronwyn Sims

Class of 2016

Giovany Barrera
Michael Black
Fred Brown
Jessica Creane
Lydia Kincaid
Sarah Knittel
Jenson Titus Lavallee
Gina Murdock
Lillian Ransijn
Brett Robinson
Meryl Sands
Eva Steinmetz
Alexandra Tatarsky

Class of 2015

Caitlin Collins
Alicia Crosby
John Chandler Hawthorne
Nick Jonczak
Vanita Kalra
Johanna Kasimow
Francesca Montanile
Michaela Moore
Riva Rubenoff
Jenna Strusowski
Megan Thibodeaux
Sara Vanasse
Michael T. Williams
Andalyn Young
Ilse Zoerb

Class of 2013

Caitlin Antram
Alex Bechtel
Jess Conda
Nick Gillette
Katie Gould
Ben Grinberg
Lauren Harries
Dan Higbee
Oliver Jane
Jennifer Kidwell
Mel Krodman
Justin Rose
Scott Sheppard
Martha Stuckey
Alice Yorke

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